Maybe you already have a design in mind? For our Xbungy partners, we have blueprints for jumping structures that already proven and meet the considerations of most jump sites. These can be constructed locally or pre-built and shipped directly to your site for installation.

We understand that you may also have your own additional requirements for your site, you may wish to tie in the jumping platform with existing infrastructure and activities that you already have, or you may also wish to make your jumping structure suitable for additional activities as well.

If you don’t wish to use one of our pre-designed structures, then as an Xbungy partner we can assist you with your own design and provide advice on the likely costs, critical design decisions (safety space, steel vs s/steel, customers per hour) as well as any potential pitfalls with the design. With our experience at Xbungy we can also assist with the usual requirements that are required for construction permits and licencing of your site as well as providing you with the specialist platform equipment that you will need right the way through to the required signage and safety requirements of your structure.

As part of your build process, Xbungy are able to assist in the oversight of the construction right the way through to the first jumps at your site.

Whilst the construction of the jump structure is the most complex and important piece to get right, we also provide advice on what you need for the ancillary pieces. What storage do you need on site? how much space is required for reception, registration and getting ready for jumping? Video systems, POS systems, electronic waiver, reporting and metric systems that you will need to get the most out of your business.

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