Your platform is built, staff are trained, reception and registration areas are built. Lets get ready to open.

The end of the build phase is in sight and the final steps to perform is the commissioning of the site.  This is a critical step where we provide a complete audit to make sure can open a 100% safe Bungy Jump.  We will go through everything with you to make sure that you have all of the correct forms in place for your reporting and recording, we will do a complete walk through of the site making sure everything from the safety barriers, signage to emergency equipment is in place.  We exam your staff to ensure they have all of the knowledge they need to act in a safe and responsible manner, ensuring they do indeed know how all of the equipment works, exactly the procedures for daily, weekly and monthly checks.

In short, the site commissioning is a complete top to bottom check up with completion certification that says you are ready to open.

When providing commissioning, these are our key areas of focus:

  • Records & Recording
  • Complete audit of jump site & process
  • Merchandising (video systems, t-shirts etc)
  • Jump process audit
  • Safety audit
  • Site testing
  • Staff preparedness
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