Since 1989 we have been providing Bungy Jumps at our jump site in Pattaya. As one of the first Bungy Jumps anywhere in the world, over 100,000 jumpers and a 100% safety record we are extremely proud of our heritage. In 2008 we started making Bungy Jump ropes commercially certified and tested for other Bungy Jump sites around the world to ensure the highest level of equipment safety within the industry.

In 2013 we complimented this by providing staff training within the industry to assist sites in providing continuity of safety and service to all participants, indeed we are one of only two centres globally to offer this training and global certification. Now, we bring you Xbungy as the all-encompassing brand to allow partner sites to open safe bungy jump sites using highly proven equipment, training and operational management.  This goes hand in hand with our global bungy jumping standards, which are the only non-country specific bungy jumping standards in the world. These standards meet or exceed those of SANZ, BERSA, NABA, CBA and EMSD.

Our staff training program is now the most comprehensive in the world, covering a four step process of: Online training, practical training, onsite experience, examination leading to certification and inclusion into the global registrar.

All Xbungy partner sites are guaranteed to only use the highest quality equipment, qualified and certified staff and the Xbungy proven operational processes and standards.  In addition to this, all partner sites undergo regular independent compliance audits.

This is what makes us different and ensures 100% safety and service to all of our customers worldwide.
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