Pattaya Bungy Jump opened in 1989 when Bungy Jumping world wide was still in its infancy. Today, it is still Thailands highest Bungy Jump standing at 60m in height and is located only 5 minutes from the city.

The tower is a leaning tower design, this design has the advantage of being able to make it relatively easy to move to other locations, the downside of this type of design is a reduced capacity of around 11 jumpers per hour.

We conduct our local training courses here on our tower and since opening we maintain a 100% safety record.

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Pattaya Bungy - 60m

The first thing that grasps you with this site is the beauty of the location. Situated close to Tsogtsi village, this is one of the highest altitudes for a Bungy Jump. The Ladakh Bungy Jump is also one of only a handful worldwide where you can jump in to a snow covered valley.

We provided training and consultancy for Sonam and his team and this site has proven to be a huge tourism boost for the area since opening.

If you have a natural feature such as a clif with steep sided or vertical walls, this can be one of the most economical structures to build requiring only a cantilever for the main structure. In this instance, due to the remote location, jumpers are retrieved back up to the jumping platform after jjumping.

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Ladakh Bungy- 190ft

Whener we first visit a site, we try to look at how we can use natural features, what we can do to make this site different and make it unique. At the Bir site, we looked at several locations with the owner, ultimately deciding on a 200m wide gorge.

Given the terrain, a cantilever or tower would not have been viable. Instead a gondola was placed in the centre of the gorge connected to the land with cables, this made a unique jump location and had the additional benifit of adding a Burma bridge to gain access to the jumping Gondola.

An added challenge with this site is there is no readily available electric, however with our system of counterweights and rope clutches customers are easily lowered to the bottom for recovery.

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Tigerteam at Bir- 40m

The Thrill Factory was the second Bungy Jump for Rhishikesh, it is located in the Shipva which has now become the hub of adventure sports in India.

The tower its self is 55m and is huge multi function tower, aside from the Bungy Jump, you can view jumps from the restaurant at the top of the tower or partake in Indias only SCAD 40m free fall, climbing wall, quick jumps and challenges.

The design and rigging of the system utilises two counterweights since they do a lot of tandem jumps and has also been designed to allow for an extremely quick turnaround allowing for a capacity of 200 jumpers per day.

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Thrill Factory- 55m

The Nagpur tower is an unusual one, since it is situated within a water park. The tower had been previously built by another company and we were asked to provide and audit, staff training and certification for the Bungy Jump.

The tower is a multifunction tower, with a pond at the bottom. This in addition to providing an additional level of safety comform for jumpers also help with ensuring that spectators stay well away from the jumping .

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Nagpur- 45m

The Narathdara Bungy Jump is along side the Statue of Belief (the worlds largest statue of Lord Shiva) This tower jump has a glass walk in addition to the Bungy Jump and also has many family friendly activities like the snow dome and GoKart track situated right next to the Bungy tower.

As you ascend the elevator, you have spectacular views of the Statue of Belief and surrounding area. The Bungy itself is over a large pond which allows us to calibrate jumps to be closer to the "ground"

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Narathdara- 45m

Splash Bungy Jump is the newest Bungy Jump to hit the Rhishikesh scene. The tower itself is a massive 109m, which means you get some amazing views from the jumping deck.

Rhishikesh, being known for the home of adventure sport in India is also an extremely competitive market for Bungy Jumping, as of December 2023 there are currently four operations Bungy Jumps and at least one more currently under construction.

It was important for the owners of the site that they were able to provide a unique selling point for their jump. In this instance, there is a 15m fountain at the bottom of the jump allowing guests to cool down with a water dip into the fountains.

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Splash Bungy - 109m

The Kolad Bungy Jump was one of our first projects outside of Thailand. It is located on a stunning river where they also provide other water and land based activities.

The particular challenge at this site was in the calibration of the jump site, since the height of the river varies not just from one season to another but due to the daily release of water from the dam the height changes by several metres during the day. The calibration system implemented allows for this much in the same way as we would do for a jump over the ocean.

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Kolad Bungy- 40m

This is my personal favourite multi activity tower. The tower itself and activities was designed by OmniTerra in India and is one of the best thought out sites I have seen in terms of the number of activities and the cost effectivness of each activity. Often people get caught up in wanting a super high bungy jump, not realising that smaller is much much better interms of the return on investment. This tower, is the perfect example of getting as much "bang for your buck" It boasts multiple cantilevers each serving multiple activities and also includes Sky dining.

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Silvassa Bungy - 40m

The Della Adventure Park were the absolute pioneers in India to combine adventure with hospitality and MICE. The Della site itself boasts nearly 100 different adventure activities!

Located at elevation, it is a wonderful place to escape the heat of Mumbai and being located so close, it has for many years remained incredibly popular. The Bungy Jump at Della, was in fact one of the very first in India. In recernt years, we have provided training and equipment for the site which remains popular all year round. he Gondola and jumping platform is operated via a mobile crane, whilst this does mean the on going monthly costs of operation can get expensive, the is counted by the initial low cost of initially opening and the flexibility of being used in different areas.

Mobile Bungy systems such as these are great at special events and, in our case here in Thailand we use them to increase our capacity when required at short notice.

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Della Adventure- 50m